UPA wants massive unemployment of men to satisfy opportunistic women.

  • Early passage of the Women's Reservation Bill providing for one-third reservation to women in state legislatures and in Parliament.

  • Constitutional amendment to provide 50 percent reservation for women in panchayats and urban local bodies.

  • Concerted effort to increase representation of women in central government jobs.

This simply means that UPA want to implement reservations for women in Govt Jobs (teachers, lecturers, IAS, IPS, Judiciary, police, Govt Departments and all Govt offices). It does not want to specify the quota to avoid trouble.

As soon as parliament passes the women's reservation bill, the Govt led by women will bulldoze 33% reservations for women in Govt Jobs and then will pass a law to implement 33% reservation to women in private jobs as well. All this will lead to massive unemployment of men and this will also discriminate those women, who are home makers or who choose not to work.

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