Reservation for women perpetuates feudalism.

New Delhi, Nov 10: : Say no to reservation and quota politics is the World Bank’s advice to women activists who converged at the three-day gender and poverty summit, organised by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) and the Women’s Political Watch, a think-tank on gender issues.

“Quotas for women take you away from a merit-based system. Such affirmative action leads to a stranglehold of patronage networks and perpetuation of feudal system,” said Lynn Bennet, lead social scientist, World Bank, in a conversation with FE. This does not mean that composition of workforce or representative institutions are questioned. “A diverse workforce definitely is required and good for productivity. In the western context, if a manager has a team which is male, all white, no women, blacks, Hispanics... it would be difficult for him. So, would be the case in India,” Dr Bennet assumed.

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